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Marketing Tips for the Small Business: Step 2 - Blogging

Create an interest in you and your products and services by using a blog that can be attached to your website. A blog is a very inexpensive method for you to communicate to your client base and anyone else that might be interested in your area of expertise.

There are key ways to make blogs work for you:

  1. Create a blog personality - be sincere, don’t try to be someone you are not
  2. Be consistent with your posts - 3x a week
  3. Keep it simple - short informative blogs are fine
  4. Allow comments – and you want to research and comment on other blogs
  5. Focus on your title – draw traffic, capture attention, search engines love blog titles

Why do you want to do it?

  1. Capture more search engine traffic
  2. Find your “lucrative key word” – this may not be the high traffic key words but you want quality, focused traffic, not quantity
  3. Find your key 2 to 4 word phrase

Additional tips:

  1. Timely posting – early in the morning (at least before noon)
  2. Frequent Updates – make sure your last entry was not several months ago 
  3. SEO – use a search engine optimization company to make sure your website, your blog and anything else you create on the web is out there and linked and moving on up the search engine ladder.

How do you start blogging? First you need to check out other people’s blogs and see what they are doing and what attracts you to their messages. Then you need to start commenting on blogs with insightful answers or questions to things that other people are blogging about. Finally, when you start your blog you will have the experience writing and answering questions to and from other people. You will have a presence and people will know of you from your previous forays into the blog world.

Always cite other blogs and try to connect with bloggers. Bloggers love to have additional links and connections and almost always welcome your links and connections to them and will reciprocate with links to you from their blogs. Try it out and see what a Blog can do for you.

Coming Soon! Step 3 – Facebook, Twitter, and News Articles

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