February 2010

Provoke or Speed Significant Action


The dynamo that is Terry Farruk got the meeting off to an energetic (does he do anything, any other way?) start, having everybody claim their traits that make them and their business GREAT.  Some of us actually shared it aloud with the group, but everybody was thinking about it.

One of the things I love about our group is the excellence of our members. Our real-estate superstar Seth O'Byrne welcomed everybody with his showboat, showcasing the various awards he and his team have received for being awesome. Check out the pictures online.


We had some fantastic guests visit us today - 

  • Kelly Collins - Physical Trainer
  • Greg Wynn - Loan Officer
  • Patricia Mills - Senior Loan Consultant

All three submitted applications and we look forward to them joining the group!

Good News!

Several members also had some good news to share with the group:

  • Barbara Lukehart is celebrating a new grandchild.  Woo hoo!
  • Llewellyn, our Agile Software Development Coach, is on leave, but his Digigirlz trip to Denmark is going really well.  Also, his session at the the recent Agile Open conference in Seattle was a great success.  
  • Patty also shared a nice thank-you note from IRC, one of the groups that our chapter sponsored over the past Christmas season.

Catalyst: provoke or speed significant change or action

Despite some initial minor technical difficulties, Rich Yumul talked about his company, Sage Tree Solutions and a recent project they just completed, the web site for Mental Health Systems.  The case study is a concrete example of which shows how Rich helps his clients:

  • Get more leads
  • Sell more products
  • Provide better service to more people

On top of the web site's fresh new design, the improvements helped Mental Health Systems streamline their business, making them more efficient.

Don't Forget:

Assumptive Tips - Even though the contest was just for this week, keep on tipping (assumptively)!  It's a great technique to easily introduce members to people that need help.

Elections - Elections are coming up!  We passed around surveys for the members, to see how people are interested in getting involved.  The next step will be nominations.  I strongly encourage everybody to get involved to help make our chapter a powerful force in helping build up each other's businesses.

Big Tipper: Patty Sterling is this month's big tipper!  1st place gets $50 and the next two runner ups get $25.  Currently she's offering a $200 discount for creation of a living trust.  Call Patty: (619) 339-7893.

Parting Thought

I know I've shared it already, but it's a really good one:

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. 

-Zig Ziglar




Build Business with Assumptive Tipping

Greetings Le Tippers!

We started the meetings with an inspiring, if not LOUD, warm-up by Terry Farruk of Way2Execute.  We clapped and cheered our hearts out and then yelled as loud as we could “Today is the day I show the world how great I am”.  If this is any indication of Terry’s inspiring business methods he probably has great impact on his clients.  

Moving right into good news we learned that Wayne Fletcher of Mr. Michael’s Auto detailing helped his grandmother celebrate her 100th birthday, good genes there Wayne!  Barbara Lukehart of Youngevity welcomed a new grandson into her family and was very excited if not a little tired.

Announcements included a new Big Tipper for the month – Patty Sterling of Pacific Coast Trust.  The winners of last month’s big tipper contest will be announced next week.

This week was Roundtable Week and we had a great session on learning how to do Assumptive Tipping.  In brief, assumptive tipping is a method of sending an introductory email to both parties the person who you think will need the service or product and the person who provides the service or product.  In this way, both people receive the information and can act upon it in whatever way they want.

In order to make the offers more enticing, as a group, we all figured out offers and giveaways that might entice people to try our products and services.  The following are the assumptive tipping giveaways from each member:

  • Debbie Bonham – Sew What Tailoring - Free second hem with purchase of first hem
  • Mikel Bruce – Tiny Frog Technologies - Free keyword analysis
  • Rob Colosia – Law Offices of Robert B. Colosia - Free consultation
  • Sue Crowder – Union Bank - Waiving of business checking account fees for two years, free personal checking account for life
  • Terry Farruk – Way2Execute - Free one hour business analysis
  • Wayne Fletcher – Mr. Michael’s Auto Salon - Free paint analysis
  • Cindy Freeland – Lawyer at Schor & Freeland, LLP - Free consultation
  • Karen Gibson – Mindful Skin Care - Free skin analysis
  • Jasmine Guerrero – Farmer’s Insurance - Free Farmer’s Friendly Review of your current insurance coverage
  • Carol Lord Heuschele – C3 Marketing Consulting - Free website marketing analysis
  • Barbara Lukehart – Youngevity - Free health exam and buy one item receive 30% off the second
  • Dr. Shamim Matin – San Diego Center for Health - Free Spinal Exam
  • Dr. John McConnell – Psychologist - Free stress reduction mind massage
  • Ana Meyers – Bookkeeping - Free top level review
  • Seth O’Byrne – Realtor - Free market analysis for buying a home
  • Anne Pettey – Guardian Insurance - Free access to the Living Balance Sheet
  • Patty Sterling – Pacific Coast Trust - Reduction of fees for creation of a living trust.
  • Steve – Contractor - Free lighting consultation
  • Allen Stovall – Free consultation and ½ off first visit along with free ebook
  • Mike Calabrese – Michael’s Painting – Free whole house powerwashing with housepainting job
  • Rich Yumul – Sage Tree Solutions - Free analysis of web application creation

We had a great meeting and look forward to seeing everyone and any guests that would like to try out networking with WIN LeTip.


Carol Lord Heuschele
C3 Marketing Consulting



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